In the world of construction, design trends come and go, but there are also some that can stand the test of time. We take a look at the design trends for facades that are timeless. Remember that in most cases, a trend only works if it is used correctly. For example, if you live in a street with traditional homes, your design choices will be different to somebody living in a street full of modern homes.

Green Walls and Cladding

Did you know that you can turn the front of your home into a garden bed? This is a design trend that serves a number of purposes. Firstly, it looks amazing and automatically adds value to your home. Secondly, it is great for the environment, and thirdly, it will reduce your heating and cooling costs by adding another layer of insulation to your house. If the thought of maintenance scares you, there are plenty of low-maintenance designs you can opt for. This trend has moved from residential homes to apartment buildings as architects look for a unique and natural design for the exterior.

Natural Wood and Steel

There was a time when wood and steel was treated to prevent it ageing. However, there is now a growing appreciation for things that are rustic. Natural wood and steel sections on your façade that are left to naturally age give new life to your design. It is like adding a living, breathing element that is a dynamic design piece that is changing all the time.

The Humble Red Brick

Bricks have been back in vogue for the last few years and for good reason. The beauty of bricks is that you can use sections of different brick to create contrast in texture and design. Breeze blocks are especially useful for framing archways and creating focal points. You can also use recycled bricks to reduce your environmental footprint.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete was a mainstay of post-war design, and it is currently making a comeback. The beauty of poured concrete is that it is almost limitlessly customisable. You can paint it, stamp it and etch it to make it look like whatever you want. It is also extremely hardy, and a great way to insulate your home or building. On top of that, it’s low-maintenance, and once it’s up, you’ll never have to touch it again.

Wood – Not Wood

With increasing innovations in façade technology, one of the most popular is with metal panels that imitate the look and feel of natural wood. In addition to be more cost effective, durable, low maintenance and easy to install, these products offer many advantages for both home and high-rise constructions.

The Professional Touch

This is just a sample of the trends out there. If you want to create a façade that is on trend now and will be for a long time to come, we would be happy to discuss your needs further. Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.