At Complete Facade Solutions we have the knowledge and expertise to handle the simplest through to the most complicated of façade recladding or façade rectification projects. Unlike installing panels on new building projects, recladding and rectification works require a different process and can come with a variety of challenges and considerations for installers to overcome. That is where experience counts.

We have worked on a number of recladding projects and have developed processes and procedures to achieve the desired outcome for our clients with the minimal amount of disruption.  In addition to the removal and replacement of façade cladding panels, our team also provides a number of valuable services including inspections and reporting of buildings with fire compliance concerns. Contact us today for more information. 


Some of our Facade Recladding & Rectification Projects:

210 Coward Street, Mascot, NSW

Birkehead Point Carpark, NSW

Oatley Road, Paddington, NSW

Prospect Street, NSW