Our primary objective is to provide quality, professionally managed facade solutions to our clients

We also aim is to ensure that your entire project flows as smoothly as possible with minimal input required from you and your team. We understand that any type of major construction works can be an extremely disruptive time, resulting in downtime for your business (if you’re updating a commercial property), or stress for your family (if you’re renovating a beloved family home). This is why our project managers and on-site teams work collaboratively, ensuring that both your timeframes and your budgets are always met.​

But that’s not all. CFS goes beyond simply being on time and on budget. We are 100% committed to identifying and then managing any risks before they turn into costly problems. It is our innate ability to stay one step ahead of the rest that sets us apart.

Our capacity to take your project from concept to completion is based on our ability to advise on the design of any technical areas in the concept and planning stage in conjunction with professional associates, to providing a task specific sub framing and panel installation methodology to suit even the most difficult applications.

Complete Facade Solutions employs a rigorous Safety Management Plan, to monitor and greatly reduce the risk of accidents around the workplace. All CFS workers undergo a formal induction into our safety plan and practices, with particular emphasis on training on heights and harness safety, and are carefully monitored for compliance thereafter.