Complete Façade Solutions (CFS) completed the façade recladding of 210 Coward Street, Mascot in 2020. The project presented a major challenge due to limited accessibility to the non-compliant panels that were required to be replaced on the residential apartment building in Sydney’s Inner-South.

CFS tackled the unique challenge of accessibility by developing and executing a customised access plan that comprised the use of EWP (Elevating Work Platform), swing stage, rope access and mobile scaffolds. Based on the knowledge and experience of the CFS team, this challenge was easily overcome, and the project stayed on schedule and within budget.

Programming was also an essential part of the recladding project as well as ensuring that the building remained watertight. This was achieved by the CFS team devising a system of removing and replacing panels based on a pre-determined and optimal sequence.

This level of planning from our experienced team resulted in the project being completed with minimal disruption and in the successful delivery of a safely reclad building. In total, CFS replaced 850m2 of non-compliant cladding with solid aluminium cladding.

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