The colour pallet you choose for your home’s facade will have a huge say on curbside appeal. You need to get the colours right the first time because organising a repaint can be an expensive process.

Read through these tips to ensure you end up with the right colours on your facade:

Use Your Intuition

No one knows your home, and the mood you want to create better than you do. Your house will also provide a few hints and tips on the types of colours you should choose. For example, more traditional homes do well with restrained colours and contrasts, while more modern homes can handle striking contrasts and loud colours.

You also need to decide which parts of your home you want to highlight, and which you want to downplay. For example, it’s better to highlight a chimney than an air-conditioning unit.

Be Careful with Colour Changes

It’s rare for homeowners to go with a single colour for their façade. You need to divide your home into the base, middle and top and use these divisions to plan your colour changes. You then use colour changes to accentuate these portions of the home. The golden rule is never to change colours at a corner because it makes the house look flat and 2-dimensional.

Be Careful with Trends

If you want to go with a trendy look, you need to be aware of the fact that trends change, and you may have to change your entire facade. For this reason, we suggest only going for trendy, bright colours in small sections, where it won’t cost you too much to repaint. On the other hand, you could just go with timeless, classic looks and avoid the need to ever repaint.

Create the Mood You Want

With the right colours, your home will make you feel calm and relaxed as soon as you pull in. A key way to achieve this is to ensure there is a flow between your exterior pallet and interior pallet. If you have a large, brash exterior and a subdued interior, you won’t have that feeling of continuity that I so important in setting the mood of the home.

It’s Not All About Colour

Materials, such as stone, wood and steel can all help to create a truly remarkable facade. Painting sections are important but don’t be afraid to create contrasts between materials and textures. For example, wood and brightly coloured render to create a coastal, beachy feel while stone and darkly coloured sections create an earthy, alpine mood.

Enlist the Help of a Professional

A professional will be able to come up with a colour selection based on your dreams for your home. They can instantly match colours to the personality of both you, and your home. While it may cost you money initially, it will save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing the need for a repaint.