Your facade is so important to your home. It sets the mood, it attracts attention, and it is often the first point of impression for visitors. So, what do you want to achieve with your facade? Well, of course, you want to make it pop and send a message.

How Much Pop is Too Much?

You want your facade to make a statement, but not too much of a statement. You need to ensure that your home fits in with the rest of the street, or no matter how stylish your facade is, your home will be an eyesore. You can still choose your own style, just make sure your choices are in deference to the overall feel of the street.

Use a Mix of Materials

Using different material to create contrasts and textures is very fashionable and for good reason. Blending materials offer up far more design choices than paint, and mixing stone sections, with timber and steel will grab attention. If you team these materials with the right colours, such as charcoals, crisp whites and even greys, you’ll create a look that is restrained, sophisticated but still memorable.

Using Bricks to Your Advantage

The humble old brick can be a design piece. You can tailor the rest of your design to create a stylish, industrial look. You can use timber to create a humble, cottage feel. Or, you can use exciting design features, such as rendered sections, to create a striking, modern design.

What About Steel?

Steel is an incredibly useful design option. The best part about steel is that it ages and changes with your home. You can obviously treat the steel to stop this from happening, but aged steel is becoming very popular. There’s something beautiful about the age marks on a section of steel, and when teamed with red-brick it creates that industrial-look that has taken the design world by storm.

Timber Cladding

It adds to your maintenance, but nothing is a warm and welcoming as timber cladding. Like steel, timber cladding can also be left unstained, so it ages with your home and takes on green and grey hues. Of course, you can retain the original timber with some staining and oiling, but the look of naturally stained timber looks great, especially in coastal areas.

Create a Focal Point

Every facade has a focal point, and if you don’t accentuate this point, your facade will be busy and uninteresting. Front doors, archways, balconies and even chimney can all serve as focal points, and it’s important that you put effort into making these sections pop. For example, you can cover these areas in natural materials, or paint them in a striking colour.

Hire a Professional

Of course, not all of us are blessed with the eye you need to make your façade pop. Hiring a professional could be the difference between a facade you treasure for years, and a facade you immediately regret.

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