At Complete Façade Solutions we are well known for providing façade installation services to the construction industry but we also have a fabrication division that we offer through our sister company: CFS Fabrication. Becoming an aluminium fabricator as a separate business was a result of a growing need amongst our customers to source a reliable fabrication partner.


Here are our top tips for choosing the right aluminium fabricator for your project needs:

1. Experience

This is a crucial consideration. Having strong knowledge and experience within the industry as well as a wide range of project references is important as it instantly provides peace of mind that the company can handle your particular project requirements. Some questions you should ask to confirm experience are:

    • Have you ever worked on a similar project?
    • Have you built products or applications similar to our project?
    • What technical expertise do you have to handle our project?

2. Team

The workforce is another important consideration, and you should take note of two things: skills/certifications and individual experience. The team working on your project should be skilled in working with the cladding product that you have chosen.

3. Quality

Whether it is a big or small project, standards should not change. The fabricator should have in-house quality tests as well as of course follow the required regulatory standards. Find out what metrics they use to track their own quality performance and whether these are right for your project.

4. Price

Quality workmanship does not come cheap. If you have multiple quotes coming in, consider whether the lowest one will guarantee you the best outcome on your project. Keep in mind that delays in the production can be costly and eat into any savings you may have thought you were making.

5. Equipment

The company you choose should have the most cutting-edge manufacturing technology as well as be able to adequately store the materials as well as prepare them appropriately for delivery to minimise damage.


We hope that this checklist will help you when searching for your next fabrication partner. An ad additional benefit of using a combined aluminium fabricator and installer is that you can minimise project delays as products do not need to be transported to an external provider.


If you are in need of fabrication services for your next project, get in touch with us today or alternatively, you can view some of our projects here.