If you are a follower of any or all of our social media channels (LinkedIN, Facebook, Instagram) you would have seen posts about the many car showrooms that we have completed such as: Sydney City Jaguar, Goulburn Mazda, Booths Hyundai, Audi Artarmon, Sylvania BMW, Sainsbury KIA. For most jobs if you do something often enough you will become an expert in it but for Complete Façade Solutions and car showroom projects there is more to our expertise than simply repetition.

Here are just 3 of the reasons for our success:

  1. Preparation and Planning

For car dealerships ‘time is money’, therefore our aim is to be on and off site as quickly as possible to ensure that the cars can be moved back in and trading can resume. To achieve this our team plan every last detail to reduce the amount of time required on site and follow a strict delivery schedule.

  1. Fabrication Services

We are one of few installers that have our own in-house fabrication service. This provides us with more control over the project, minimises the steps in the process, streamlines the program and also ensures the fit and finish of the completed materials as our panels do not need to be sent to (nor are we required to rely on) external fabricators.

  1. The products

Car showroom projects predominately use aluminium cladding panels and thanks to our 40+ years working with these products, we have strong relationships with all the major brands. Therefore we can not only source and supply what is required in the specification or work with the design team to find an alternative solution if required but also provide the best possible pricing on materials.


If you are looking for an installer that you can trust with your next car showroom or other corporate identity project, get in touch with us online today or call us on 02 9521 3311.